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Still oR GIF

It's a classic, something we will always want - the classic still photo! With a little fun and the tap of the screen, your guests can get their own memory from your wedding day.

The new photo booth alternative!
These animated GIFs are fast, easy and fun:  creating laughter to share and relive the feeling from the night.

How This Phoenix Photo Booth works

Weddings & Social Events

So Easy!
Guests step up to the screen for their "turn" and follow the prompts on the screen. First choosing if they want a still photo or a GIF. Waiting for the countdown then either pose for the still photo or do a little jig for the GIF. Once it's done the guest will see a preview on the screen and are asked to enter their phone number and it's instantly delivered by text message to enjoy and share.
The Pic Booth is ready for the next guest.

Corporate Events

We love corporate events!
The photo booth works the same as it does for weddings and social events while making the photo booth work for you.
Optional brand placement is available by placing your logo to each image and GIF, adding a custom hashtag and a custom message. Additional options include access to the email list after the event.

What You Get


An Amazing Attendant will setup, assist and break-down the photo booth for your event. At no additional charge!


Unlimited photos and GIFs uploaded to an online gallery where you can view and download them all... even the bloopers!


Because this is a digital photo booth and we can't print moving photos or GIFs, we deliver them digitally via instant text message to your guest.

Small Footprint

Great for small spaces requiring only a 5x5 space. Enjoy some fun with 9 people or solo.



-4 hours of The Pic Booth
-Still Photo & GIFs
-Amazing Attendant
-Unlimited Uploads
-Online Gallery
-Delivery, Set-up & Breakdown   (in Phoenix area)
-Event Image Overlay


-2 hours of The Pic Booth
-Still Photo & GIFs
-Amazing Attendant
-Unlimited Uploads
-Online Gallery
-Delivery, Set-up & Breakdown   (in Phoenix area)


-The Pic Booth for the duration your photographers are at your reception
-Still Photo & GIFs
-Unlimited Uploads
-Online Gallery
-Delivery, Set-up & Breakdown
-Event Image Overlay


-Extra Hour $150
-Props $100
-Backdrop* $100
-Custom Event Image Overlay $50

**View optional backdrops HERE

Add to your photography package. Available to
Leslie Ann Photography and Pink Pineapple Studio couples only.


Since we have a digital process and there’s no way to print moving photos we chose the easiest, quickest solution:  text message!  After creating the image, your guest simply enters their mobile phone number, and BOOM - they receive a text message with a link to the photo booth image or GIF they created.

Of course!
You can send us your digital logo/file and we'd be happy to add it to the screen and to the images.


Let us know what you’d like added and we will create a custom overlay one for you.  

*Additional fees may apply

Definitely not.  The Pic Booth is fun because of the movement and the energy it captures, so we don’t think props are necessary.  Typically we use the event space as the background and don't believe a traditional background is necessary. But some events want a specific look to the photo booth images so it's totally up to you!  We do have some basic backdrops to add to your booking if you'd like.

YES - everything is automatically uploaded to your own personalized online gallery.  One of the best things about The Pic Booth photo booth is going through your gallery the next day - it’s hilarious to see what your guests created!  You will also get a download link to save all of the images several days after the event.

The Pic Booth is still fully-functional and tons of fun for guests even without wifi as our system is fully self sufficient with cellular service.

That's a funny questions because old people are way smarter than we think.  To be honest, most of the time we have to ask older people to share with the rest of the guests ;)

But YES, the touchscreen is incredibly easy to understand, and we’ve never had an issue with older guests struggling to know what to do.


Our system is incredibly portable and easy to move around.  We even have a portable battery if you don’t have access to power.  You can set it up in the middle of a farm field and it’ll be a blast… 

The Pic Booth fits into VERY small spaces.  The actual footprint is just 3x3-feet, but we recommend at least 5x5-feet.  Most people use a 8x8 or 10x10 foot area to leave enough room for others to enjoy it! 

**If you want a backdrop, then we’ll need a minimum of 10x7-foot area.

Simple!  $300 retainer will book your event through our simple online booking system, and then the final balance is due just 30 days before your event.  We accept all major credit cards as forms of payment.

Just let us know when you are ready and we will get you started.

Nope! The Pic Booth created both still and GIFs (digital animation created from a series of photos taken in quick successions). There are no prints, but 100% pure digital fun delivered straight to your phone... ready to be be instantly shared with friends and family!

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